Conferencia dictada por la Prof. Dra. Delia Gazzoli

Raman spectroscopy as a characterization tool in materials science

El pasado 14 de septiembre, la Prof. Dra. Delia Gazzoli dictó en el CEQUINOR la presentación denominada: "Raman spectroscopy as a characterization tool in materials science"

Dra Gazzoli

La Dra. Gazzoli junto a la Dra. Botto

Resumen de la presentación:

Prof. Dra. Delia Gazzoli - Chemistry Department, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy

In recent years Raman spectroscopy has become one of the most powerful techniques to probe molecular and crystal lattice vibrations and therefore is sensitive to the composition, bonding, chemical environment, phase and crystalline structure of the sample material. These characteristics make it widely used for the study of materials in any physical form (gases, liquids, solutions, and crystalline or amorphous solids) to detect inhomogeneities, lack of crystallinity, strain and substitutional effects, porosity and nonstoichiometry in different types of materials.

After a brief introduction of the technique and the measurements setup, results on selected materials including nanopowdered oxides and carbon nanotubes will be illustrated.