Conferencia del Prof. Dr. Aamer Saeed

Conferencia del Prof. Dr. Aamer Saeed 24/02/2017

El Centro de Química Inorgánica, CEQUINOR, tiene el agrado de invitarlos a la conferencia que el próximo día viernes 24 de febrero de 2017 a las 15 hs ofrecerá el Prof. Dr. Aamer Saeed de la Universidad Quaid-I-Azam, Islamabad, Pakistán. La misma tendrá lugar en el aula de conferencias de nuestro Centro.

El  Prof. Dr. Aamer Saeed nos visitará hasta el día 3 de marzo.

Significance of N-S Heterocycles as drug candidates. Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Assay of some coumarin, sulfonamide, thiourea and quinazoline Hybrid molecules.

Heterocycles make part of the nearly 80% of marketed drugs. These are useful tools to control lipophilicity, polarity and hydrogen bonding capacity of molecules, which may lead to improved biological pharmacological, properties of drug candidates. The concept of "Molecular hybridization" is based on the combination of pharmacophoric moieties of different bioactive substances to produce a new hybrid compound with improved affinity and efficacy, compared to the parent molecules. In this talk, results from our laboratory on a series of compounds bearing several groups with biological relevance will be presented.

Aamer Saeed is Professor of Organic Chemistry.
Alexander von Humboldt Post Doctoral Fellow (Hannover Germany).
Fellow of the Chemical Society of Pakistan.